B47HA Tulsa Event Tuesday June 22
An evening I will not forget.


Joey's display table and banner Joey's brochures Joey giving Brian and Don their Gold Certificate
Joey and Don Farrell Joey giving Lance his Gold Certificate Brian and Don Gold Certificate
Lance Gold Certificate Article on how to build a wood 47H Brian's Display of the 47H dimensions
Plaque with 47H specs 47H Ad Ad announcing the Bellairus
Brian's complete Display board "The Helicopter is Ready" ad 47J ad
"Henry" from afar "Henry" from not so far Brian at the controls
Logo above the engine Brian's exquisite instrument panel Interior of "Henry"
Brian Lambert, Don Farrell, and "Henry" Brian, Joey, Don, and "Henry" Engine close up
"Henry" left front "Henry" right rear Logo on "Henry's" tail
"Henry's" tail rotor Uhh..oh oh. "...Yeah I think I can fly this thing. .."
"...hmm comfortable chair..." "...Now what was that for?..." "Ok, Joey, I won't fly it. Just kidding..."
"....now what does this do again???..." "..I'm glad Deb has the camera..." Don, Brian, Joey, and Lance


My sincerest thanks to:
Joey and Rhonda Rhodes for putting this event together for all of us. It was a pleasure to meet them and everyone.
Brian Lambert and Don Farrell for buying "Henry", restoring him, and bringing him so we could all see a beautiful 47H Bellairus.
Brian and Don for letting me touch, awe, and sit in, a beautiful machine that shows the TLC it's been given.
Brian for allowing me to fly with him in a 47H. It had been too long since I had last been up in a Bell 47. Thank you.
Don and EAA for allowing us to use the facilities for the event. Thanks for the Diet Pepsi, Don.
My little Ford Ranger for getting us there in the nick of time.
And my wife, Deb, for taking the pictures that I couldn't because I was so mesmerized by "Henry" and the guys.
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