The "official" Bell 47G-2. You will find this repaint on the "Bell 47 G Repaints" page.
Bell 47 Flight Sim Repaints
Here are some Bell 47 repaints for MS Flight Simulator.
Each set of files includes a readme file that tells about the repaint and how to install.
It is highly recommended that you refer to the readme file before installing.
Click on the images for a larger picture. Happy Flying!


Whirlybirds Flight
Sim Project Page

Whirlybirds Flight Sim Project
Flight Sim Repaints of
Jean-Marie Mermaz' Bell 47 G2 GMAX
Lasse Lindh's Bell 47 J2A
by Tom Heaverlo and Jeff Jankovics



Bell 47 G Repaints
Bell 47 J Repaints


If anyone has a Bell 47 repaint they would like me to post on this site, just email me at and let me know.
My sincere thanks to the authors for allowing me to present their Bell 47 repaints here.
A special thanks to Jean-Marie Mermaz for his excellent creation, the Bell 47 G2 GMAX
and to Lasse Lindh for his beautiful creation, the Bell 47 J2 Ranger.
Your efforts are very much appreciated by the Bell 47 community.

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