BELL 47 Display Models Gallery
This is a collection of Bell 47 scale models that have been built by individuals. Many different types of Bell 47s are represented here. I hope you enjoy the Gallery.


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Kerry Eisenhaur's 1/35 scale Whirlybirds

Jeff Jankovics' G-Mark 47G painted and detailed as the Whirlybirds' N975B from the 50's tv show.

Jeff Jankovics' Hirobo Radio Control Bell 47 as the Whirlybirds N975B

Kerry Eisenhaur's 1/35 KH-4

Kerry Eisenhaur's 1/35 MASH H-13

Kerry Eisenhaur's 1/35 USAF

Kerry Eisenhaur's 1/35 USCG

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This custom Whirlybirds N975B was done for me by David Meiklejohn. He would be happy to do others for you. Go to the
David Meiklejohn Model Gallery for his page.

Lee Rilea's 1/35 N975B

Helicopter Foundation International Model Exhibit

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My Whirlybirds replica collection.I used a Micro Machines, Corgi, custom 1/72 N975B, Dinky, custom 1/35 N975B, and Paramount MASH model for these.

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