Whirlybirds Memorabilia Gallery



This is a 1959 CBS Films edition coloring book that was sold by Whitman. The stories inside are variations of different TV episodes.
It sold for 29 cents.
This is Dell No 1124 Whirlybirds comic book authorized by CBS Films in 1960. It is one of two comic books currently known by collectors.
It sold for 10 cents.
This is Dell No 1216 Whirlybirds comic book authorized by CBS Films in 1961. It is the second of two comic books currently known by collectors.
It sold for 15 cents.

This is a Whirlybirds board game that was sold by a British company called, interestingly enough, Bell. Since the series was in black and white, the artists for the game apparently guessed at what colors in which to portray the characters and helicopter.
National Helicopter sells this exact reproduction of the Whirlybirds jacket patch. Click Here.
This is an old article from an entertainment or tv guide magazine from 1957. Source is unknown.

TV Guide - May 18-25, 1957
From England, Chad Valley GiveAShow Projector Strip.
Click picture for the story.
These DVDs have been seen on ebay.

Ken Tobey Promo from the show.
Another Promotional 8 X 10 for the show.
Craig Hill Promo from the show.

Ken Tobey autographed photo
Promotional 8x10 for the show.
Craig Hill autographed photo

Whirlybirds reminder on magazine ad
Kenneth Tobey with Stanley Livingston before
My Three Sons TV Show. Stanley had done an episode
of the Whirlybirds and was given a momento.
See Stanley Livingston's website at
Stanley Livingston Photos
Fan inspired reproduction of the Whirlybirds pilots jackets and hats.
Whirlybirds Viacom Promo Booklet from 1982.
Medium weight, glossy, 8-1/2 x 11 double-sided sales sheet from the Viacom Television Catalog intended to promote and sell the show.



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