BELL 47 Helicopter Models Gallery


    Static Display Models    

50's H 13 plastic model by Swadar
Swadar H 13 model box
50's H 13 with floats by Swadar

Corgi Chicago Police and Fire 1/48
Corgi MASH 1/48
Corgi NYC Police 1/48

Mahogany desk model
Interesting kit with etched brass fuselage that bends to form the tailboom. Bubble must be cut to fit. There is also a 1/48 scale kit.
Corgi USMC 1/48


    Plastic Model Kits    

MRC MASH #2194 1/35
Revell MASH #4334 1/35
Italieri Sioux #085 OH-13 1/72

Made in the Czech Republic, by Pavla Models and in scale 1:72.
Italieri #095 AB-47 1/72
Italieri #859 AB-47 Coast Guard 1/48

Revell #4402 H-13 Gunship 1/35
MRC #xxxx HTL-4 Coast Guard 1/35
Nichimo Bell 47J Ranger model from Japan.
This is the only plastic kit I know of that was a 47 J. It was sold decades ago.


RC Electric Powered Bell 47s
All electric powered RC Bell 47 by Aeolus. Model No. 9090. Comes with controller and is a blast to fly. Check your online RC outlets.


    Gas Powered Bell 47s    
Cox Sky Copter
Gas powered, line controlled.

Century Bell 47G II Radio Controlled
Vario Bell 47 G Radio Controlled
Hirobo Bell 47 G Radio Controlled



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