BELL 47 Helicopter Toys and Games Gallery



Micro Machines Bell 47D in Army colors.
Micro Machines Bell 47D in Desert colors.
Micro Machines Bell 47D
from the Police Task Force collection.

Zee Toys HP Bell 47

Zee Toys MASH Bell 47

Micro Machines Bell 47D in Blue

Zee Toys MASH unit Bell 47
truck and transport set

Corgi Fighting Machines Pork Chop Hill MASH 1/144
Corgi Fire Heroes LAFD 1/144
HO Scale Bell 47
I do not know for what setup.

Dinky Bell 47 variation
Dinky Bell Police Helicopter #732
Dinky Crash Squad set #299

Lionel 4319 Navy Helicopter
for the Lionel train car.
Lionel Limited Edition Christmas Copter
to be used for the 3419 Lionel train car.
Yellow Reproduction 3419
for the Lionel 3419 train car.

Orange Observation Helicopter
for the Lionel 3619 train car.
  There are other Lionel type helicopters that are being reproduced. The significant thing about these train helicopters is that they are modelled after the Bell 47 J Ranger series of actual helicopters from the 50's and 60's.  
Red Observation Helicopter
for the Lionel 3619 train car.

A set of cake decorations from the 60's.
Here is a neat toy from the 40's.
Based on the early Bell Ship 2.
Clear Lionel 3419 Helicopter
2004 Hallmark GI Joe Christmas ornament.


    Tin Wind Ups    

Unknown Mfg. from Japan
Nomura "Mechanical Turn Around" from Japan
Interesting variation. Made in Japan.

Japan Tin Highway Patrol Wind Up
Tin Police Wind up by Cragston
S&E #S-1000A wind up

Made in Japan. Pan American Airlines Promo
Made in Japan. 9" long

Made in Japan. Batttery operated.
Japan Tin Navy Rescue Wind Up

Japan Tin Fire Dept Wind Up
Japan Highway Patrol Wind Up
Made in Japan. Fire Department Patrol

Japan Army Wind up
Army Ordinance. Made in Japan.
Japan Tin Army Wind up

Made in China, this is 16" long. The pilots move as you push it along.
Japan Alps Tin Wind up
60's Police Bell 47 by Nomura


    Battery Operated    

WHDH Skyway patrol. Made in Japan.
Marx Chop Chop Sky Patrol
Highway Patrol
made in Greece

P-16 Police Bell 47 by Hoover Toys
Patrol Helicopter No.7. Made in Japan.


    Toys for large figures    

G I Joe Capture Copter with pontoons for the 12 inch figures.
G I Joe Action Adventure Helicopter
for the 12 inch figures. Made in the early 70's.
This is a Paramount authorized release in a series of MASH collectibles from around 1980. It is for 3 and 3/4inch figures and came with a figure of Hawkeye for the pilot.






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